For the longest time I've had this little red 1 staring at me from my iPad screen.

It was also on my iPhone...and on the Mac. Notice I said 'was' on the iPhone and Mac. I updated these yesterday.  It took for. ev. er. Bleh on updates. I'm hesitant to update the iPad because it took so long on the other two. I know, first world problems. I'm neither here nor there on the updated iPhone and Mac, different look for the same functions...I suppose if I were more savvy on all the bells and whistles of both I'd have a stronger it is, eh. 

So with the updates to the phone and Mac I felt the need/urge to update the blog. Much like the phone and Mac I've been slow to update this little blog of mine. It's not that I haven't had blog post after blog post running through my mind over the past four months, I've had a million...yep a million, it's just that I've fallen off the blogging wagon. And as is the case with falling off wagons, it's so dang hard to get back on. I'm not the only one that's fallen off though (there's always comfort in knowing you're not the only one) several blogs that I follow have had fewer and fewer posts of late. I suppose the hoopla that is/was blogging has died down (is blogging so yesterday?). Here I am though, attempting once again to get back on this wagon.

Rather than try and update everything of the last four months, and take for. ev. er like the iPhone and Mac, I'll just begin where life is at the moment. At the moment, life is much like it was four months ago except that since his release as stake president Hank is home all the time now, the summer was cool (for Texas standards), we have more cows, I've traveled to see the familia in PDX and PHX, work is good, and Rocket Man is even more adorable than ever. 

Let's see how long I stay on the blogging wagon.

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