This Fourth of July began early in the morning to put out our flags and to take a quick tour of the ranch, to make sure all was well on the range.

I have the coolest app on my iPhone that let's you do all sorts of fun edits, one of which is a double exposure. 

I like how it turned out, except for the annoying power lines. I should have taken the flag from a different angle, I think that would have made for a much better composition. Oh, yeah, the app is Afterlight, you really should have it on your phone.

The Fourth of July is all about family, friends, and food. Hank's family has had a gathering on this day for, well, forever! There is always an enormous amount of food, as there always is at family gatherings. I decided to take a different approach to the here's-what-we're-eating speed. The aftermath!

It didn't take long for the dessert tables to look like the other one. Like locust in a field we are.

Then there are the friends and family, we are many. 

This handsome fella is one of the newest naturalized citizens, he became one a few days ago, I'm so happy for him. He's married to one of my dear friends, he's from England.

The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. I love the fireworks, especially the way Portland, Oregon does them, which I will be missing this year, (insert sad emoji here). I love the patriotic swell that happens today. Above all, I love that I can say that I am a citizen of what I think is the greatest nation. Perhaps that's a bit bold, but it's how I feel. 

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