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New month, new post. But I'm posting about what happened last month...because right now, that's how I roll.

Hank and I took a much needed trip to see Rocket Man and Larry. Our usual method of travel is to fly from our regional airport to DFW and then on to PHX. We thought we'd shake things up a bit this time and drive to Big D and fly Southwest. We've decided that we will not go this route again, unless absolutely necessary.  We aren't hayseeds afraid of big city traffic woes, but why subject yourself to them needlessly. Seriously, why? And, Hank agrees with me, middle seats should be outlawed. 

The last time Hank and I flew Southwest was four years ago, the trip there was an experience to be remembered.  We hit a torrential rain storm that caused highways to close and turned city streets into rivers. Oh, man, was that ever nerve wracking! Love Field has done some MAJOR renovations in preparation for the repeal of the Wright Amendment. I was very impressed.  

Tagging your own luggage was interesting, getting that little sticker straight is harder than it looks. But, then again it could have been the person putting the tag on.

After this trip to Arizona I've come to a conclusion, dry hot is worse that humid hot. In a couple of weeks time I've experienced both and I'd rather be in a sauna than an oven. You sweat in both, but humid keeps my face and skin from feeling as if it's on fire and about to flake off. I did go for a walk, once, while there. I was impressed with the plants that were in bloom, more than I expected. I've grown accustomed to seeing a lot of this...

...but not much of this.

I'm told that the south end of the Phoenix valley is much more green and lush, with nary a scorpion to be found...I don't believe it. It all looks brown from above. 

Of course, I would be remiss in not sharing photos of my beloved Rocket Man. He's learned that when the camera/iPhone is up that one must say 'cheese' (much like his mama did at his age) but hasn't mastered staying still long enough for the camera to capture the moment. 

He loves books, Thomas the Train (oy), fixing things with his tool kit, and most of all, hanging with his Papá. 

They are inseparable. And here's the reason why, I've decided they are twins separated by fifty two years. Hank is on the left, Rocket Man on the right. 

Am I right or what?!

On another note, in a previous post I told you that Hank was being released from his calling as stake president. That took place June 15,  it was most bittersweet. I know that I speak for him when I say that we were humbled by the outpouring of love and well wishes and concern of how we would manage once the dust settled. We are doing in fine. I will admit that it was a bit odd to have him seated next to me on Sunday, we haven't done this in over thirty years. I'm sure it was odd for him too. 

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