Coming Together

We had a little soiree at the ranch this weekend. It was a party six months in the making. We'd planned it for December, had the house all decked out with lights, all the Christmas decor was out (THAT hadn't happened in, ah, forever), I cleaned like a fiend, the whole shebang. And then it snowed. And iced. Way to ruin a party Mother Nature. So we rescheduled...six months later.

Six months later, I cleaned like a fiend again, inside and outside. Outside because, well, it's daylight now way longer than it is in December and people will see not only the inside of the house, but the outside as well.  I will let you in on a secret...I hired help to get the outside ready...yeah, I did...couple of young men from the old body isn't as spry as it once was. Bleh. 

Between, Hank, the hired help, and I, we got the place looking the best it's looked in years. 

Flowers and much, check.

As one of our hired helpers put it, they have younger backs and can move things better than us...truth hurts sometimes, but a sore back hurts much worse.  He meant his comment in the most loving of terms, Hank and I laughed for a good bit on that. A side note on one of the many flower beds we mulched and weeded. This particular flower bed has daylilies in it, rather full ones.  I told the helpers that this flower bed always gives me the heebie-jeebies because I fear there may be a snake in it. (You know where this is going don't you.) As we worked the bed, we were recounting snake stories and suddenly one of the helpers yelled rather loudly.  I said, 'what's wrong, are you okay?' He said, 'there's a snake!' I thought he might be joking, given the topic of conversation, but he wasn't. We all went to see where he'd been working and sure enough, there on top of the pulled weeds was a copperhead. Scary/funny thing, he'd picked it up not knowing he'd picked it up.  He said he felt something squishy through his glove, looked down and, there it was. Needless to say, Mr. copperhead met his demise.  Now before you go judging, had it been out in the open pasture and not right next to my house where he could have slithered his way in, we would have let him live. 

Next up, the pergola. It needed some freshening up. New paint on the bench, new chairs around the table, and some cushions, good to go.

The original plan for this late spring fete was to hold it outside. Once again, Mother Nature enjoyed toying with us. For the entire week leading up to Saturday there had been afternoon showers predicted and She did not disappoint. Rather than risk having everyone soaked, we moved the dinner inside. This meant moving furniture. Oy, old backs remember. But, Hank and I managed this on our own. 

Thirty six people required two rooms, but we all fit quite nicely. I'd forgotten how big these rooms were until we moved the furniture around...made me realize that I could actually fit more stuff in here..hmmm. 

Mother Nature was kind enough to provide the flowers, all I had to do was drive down the side of the road and help myself. She made up for her winter tantrum.

The black-eyed Susan, a.k.a rudbeckia hirta, and the daisy fleabane were perfect. 

One last thing to do before the guests arrived, put something out so that the sprinkler heads didn't get smashed! I can't tell you how many times we've had to replace them because UPS and FedEx drivers can't seem to steer clear of the edge of the lawn, sheesh! Pinwheels, lovely solution. They added just the right festive touch to the drive. Plus they looked really cool as the caught the slightest breeze.

Of course, the most important, our guests. We hosted thirty six of the nicest people, they made the party a success. 

After dinner, since Mother Nature was kind enough to keep the rain at bay and send a cool breeze or two, we stepped outside for a game. It is akin to charades, but rather than act out your clue you describe it and instead of movie titles or things you have people's names to describe without mentioning the name. Quite fun to say the least.

I'm glad Mother Nature had her tantrum in December, it allowed us to bask in Her Texas springtime which, sadly, is rather short lived. 

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