Back In The Saddle

Let's see how long I'll ride this blogging horse this time. I know, I've fallen off and gotten back on so many times that it seems almost foolish trying to ride it again, but we'll see how well I do this time.

Many events have happened over the past couple of months, I won't bore you will all of them...just the important ones. I'll begin with Father-in-Law's birthday bash.

FIL turns the big eight-oh tomorrow, but we celebrated yesterday; where is it written that birthday's MUST be celebrated on your birth day? 

A little background before all of the photos. FIL was adamant that he did NOT want any fuss made over this milestone. Hank and I were in agreement and said that we would not make a fuss...others didn't get that memo. Others insisted that FIL needed a celebration of this auspicious day. They were right. As much as FIL didn't want the fuss, I think he's glad that others went against his wishes and made a fuss. I'll admit, I reneged on my vow to not make a fuss and created the invitation. But enough of that.

It was a perfect day to honor a great person.  FIL is a stand-up kinda guy, a straight shooter, what you see is what you get, I've always loved that about him. FIL is beloved by so many, family, church family, community members, everyone; it was evident by the number of well wishers.

First, the venue. Hank's uncle George's beautiful home, let's call it Southfork.

Next, these two.  Without them there would have been no food, and what's a party without food?! They are awesome in so many ways, let's just say that they are mini-Martha's with a lovely Texas drawl. Miss Nan and Miss Karen

These cupcakes were to die for, not even kidding. Lemon cupcakes with at lemon curd frosting. Oh. My. Goodness. The adorable picks were make by Miss Karen. 

Then there's the birthday boy. Looking cool in them shades FIL.

And, of course, the guests. So much love from all of these lovely, lovely people.

There were close to one hundred people that came out to honor this guy that I'm lucky enough to have as a father-in-law, I couldn't possibly include everyone's picture...but you get the idea.

My sister-in-law, also a mini-Martha, create this wonderful display that depicted events through out FIL's life, it was a lovely stroll down memory lane for so many.

As the local newspaper used to say when closing a story about social events, a good time was had by all. Many thanks to the 'others' for pushing to have this event. It really was a wonderful opportunity to honor a great person.

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