March Madness

March was very lion-like in its arrival this week.  Deceptive too.  Saturday, its first day here, was very lamb-ish, a balmy seventy five. I laughed at the forecast of winter like weather within twenty four hours. March had the last laugh.

Sunday after church it began to rain. Eh, no big deal. Then the temperature dropped, a lot. The rain began turning to freezing rain, oy. At 6:40 p.m. there was a flicker, flicker, flicker and then this...for the next thirty eight hours. 

Freezing rain + no power = a weather day from work. Yay! Hank stayed home too. Here's what awaited us after we dressed and ventured out.

Yoga trees practicing their downward dog pose. I fear they will never strike tree pose again.

As I was snapping away, there was a crraackk behind me. I thought it was another branch falling, there were so many. I turned in time to see, but not capture, a tree falling. This tree.  All sixty feet of it. 

To say it got cold is an understatement, well, cold for my Little Corner of Texas. Even the cardinals were wearing their finest puffy coat.

Today was clean-up day. As we worked I noticed that as damaging as ice storms can be, there is a beauty that is unsurpassed.  Everything had a Martha Stewart-getting-ready-for-a-party look.

Mr. Sun struggled to make his presence known this morning, once he did though, things began to thaw out pretty quick and then he went out with a bang.

It's been crazy cold this year, hopefully this lion-like March Madness will be the last of it. Before I know it, the Texas heat will be here, next week maybe, and then I'll long for the cold. Never satisfied, are we?