Adventures in Travel

Today is the last day of Spring Break. Sigh. But, a break from work means a trip to visit Larry and Rocket Man. The flight to PHX was uneventful, boring actually. The trip home was the antithesis of the first. 

I look out the window about half way through the flight and see the splendor of the world from seven miles up in the air, rivers, lakes, little itty bitty irrigated farmland, and clouds. Big, white, puffy clouds. The kind that when you look up at them from the ground are big, dark, puffy clouds. 

As we get closer to DFW, I see even more big, white, puffy clouds.

As I taking the beauty of the cloud formations, I'm thinking this might not bode well for us making our connecting flight to TYR. 

Checking the time, I sense we should hear at any moment the ding that indicates that the flight attendant will be telling us that 'the captain has turned on the seatbelt sign as we prepare for our final approach to DFW. Please return to your seat and put away any items you may have taken out from the over head compartment.' But that's not the case. I hear the ding but instead of the flight attendant, it's the captain. Hmm, no bueno. He informs us that because of severe weather at the airport we will be in a holding pattern until told to do otherwise. So we circle around for forty minutes or so.  Once again the captain comes on but this time he tells us that we've been diverted to Austin until the weather clears. Wow, I've never been diverted. I'm kind of excited to see what happens when a plane is diverted...others on the plane, not so much.

Thirty minutes later we land in Austin.

And we were not alone in our diverted-ness.

Ever wonder what happens when a plane is diverted? Nothing exciting. The plane is taken to a remote part of the airport and you just sit and wait. And wait. And wait. The ground people brought snacks and water so we'd have something to munch on while we waited, that was about as exciting as it got. As we waited, there was a passenger who insisted that his friend was telling him that planes were landing and taking off, I decided to do a little checking of the weather. My findings...

Uhh, I was good with being diverted. Better safe than dead I say. 

After another while I checked if we'd be able to make our connecting flight to TYR. My findings...

Oy. Hank and I discuss our options, hope to get a spot on the next flight out, stay at the airport overnight, (uh, no), get a hotel and hope we can get a flight in the morning (possibly), or rent a car (mmm, maybe).  I check on renting a car, oh boy. Very expensive to get it at point A and then leave it at point B. We're hoping for getting on the next flight.

The captain comes back on at seven forty five and says we can return to Dallas. Yay! My silver lining was this beautiful sunset as we were taxiing to take off. 

And this ominous shot as we got closer to DFW.

Soon enough we were flying over Jerry's Palace, aka Cowboy Stadium, aka AT&T Stadium and Ranger's Stadium.

Because of the merger between American and U.S. Airways, our flight out of PHX was on U.S Airways. Because they used to not be a part of American, U.S. Airways' terminal is way out in the middle of nowhere. We had to traverse the bowels, literally, of DFW to get to the Skylink to get to a gate agent. Nice walking work out. Once we found a gate agent we found out that all flights to TYR had left for the day and the likelihood of getting out on the first flight the next day was slim to none. She asked if we could drive to our destination because if we could, we would be reimbursed for the rental. Bingo! One more long walk and we boarded the shuttle to the car rental center, the lone passengers I might add.

Our trip began at ten thirty Pacific time and ended at one o'clock Texas time. It was long but it could have been worse. I will close with a pic of Rocket Man because, well, he's too cute not to include in this post. 

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