Twenty Years..

I watched Sleepless in Seattle this weekend. Next to You've Got Mail, this is one of my favorite movies.  I guess it's the Hanks/Ryan combo that does it for me, or maybe the Nora Ephron story line. No matter. As I watched I came to the realization that things have changed exponentially in twenty years. Twenty really isn't that long, is it? Maybe it doesn't seem that long because I've lived those twenty years or maybe it's that I'm getting older, hmmm...

So what's changed?

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, well that's obvious isn't it. Older, more seasoned but they were adorable weren't they?

Telephones. Oh, my. Cord on your phone? Really? 

Computers. Were the keyboards really that loud??!! And the neon green letters on the monitor?! And the monitors, oh my. Do you remember DOS? 

Airports. Pre 9/11 you went all the way to the gate to wait for your arriving people...and you got to see them off at the gate. I miss that. Dang terrorist!

Headphones. No white cords coming out of the Walkman back then and they went all the way over your head from one ear to the other, although, those are back in vogue.

I found it interesting that TCM was showing it. TCM is reserved for the old movies, you know the ones, It Happened One Night, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Rear Window. I suppose twenty years could make a movie a classic, at least the style and theme of Sleepless in Seattle are those of the classics. 

Is twenty years really all that long ago? Or, is what they say about time flying by as you grow older really true...don't answer that :).

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