It's the Holiday Season...It Was the Holiday Season

So, when you were in school, college or high school, did you ever procrastinate doing a project? 


No? Oh. 

Well, I did once...or twice...maybe three or four times. 


It appears that old habits die hard. I'd give you all sorts of reasons as to why I haven't kept my resolve to blog regularly but as I tell my students: excuses don't fly so buck up and suck it up. Hm. That works with them but I have no consequences to answer for my lack of blogging. Haha! Perfect!!! 

The holidays came and went without much fanfare in my house, except that the most delightful, perfect, cute, not to mention adorable little fella came a callin'. You know who I mean don't you. 

From the moment Daughter and Rocket Man arrived he and Hank were inseparable. Thing One & Thing Two, Abbott and Costello, Rodgers & Astaire, Rocket Man & Hank, inseparable duos. Papa, as we hope to have Rocket Man call Hank, couldn't take a step without his little shadow wanting to follow. And vise versa. 

It didn't take Rocket Man long to figure out that if you can get to the other side of the fence, adventure awaits. Next visit I'm sure the cows will be running for cover. 

I've also found a new photo muse. He, like his mama at his age, knows when to strike a pose and say 'cheese'. 

If only they lived closer. My muse and I could do some really awesome work. Sigh.

Daughter and I talked about how often we travel back and forth to spend time together and as we did we realized that we are so very fortunate in the frequency with which we can see each other. But, like that delicious bite of your favorite food, it's never quite enough. Rocket Man and Daughter were here for a week, a week that took an eternity to get here and then, poof. Just like that, it's gone.

I didn't believe grandparenthood could be as wonderful as everyone told me, but, it is. 


  1. Love all these pictures. Your little guy is so handsome!