Ice, Ice, Baby

Friday we were dismissed from work early. Early as in only an hour and a half at work and BOOM, time to go home. Except, I was already at home...I'd taken the day off to prepare for a little soirée at the house. A soirée that never was. Our little fete never was because of this

Winter, has come early to my Little Corner of Texas. The weather guys had been predicting this but you know how it goes with weather guys, I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to winter weather advisories in early December. They were right this go round. I was bummed, I'd spent Wednesday evening getting things ready outside. I strung lights on trees Hank and I had cut and put into buckets with cement, boy were they heavy to transport from point A to point B...

... I even put out yard decor, such as it was. 

My little inconvenience was nothing compared to what some have been enduring for the past forty eight hours. 

Eighty miles to the north of us, in Paris, Texas, they had this shower down on them. 

Ice. As pretty as it looks, ice raining down is horrible in what it does. Unlike snow, you don't just brush it way and it's not light and fluffy. Ice storms weak havoc in so many ways. As the stake president, Hank has the responsibility of checking on the welfare of church members in a geographic area that begins in our home town and extends into parts of Oklahoma, it was for this reason that we ventured to Paris today. 

Let me begin by saying that it was cold, oh so very cold, 28 F  to be exact, which to those of you in Minnesota or other parts north is nothing, a heat wave I would venture to say. But, to us Texans, 28 it down right frigid. Compounding the twenty eight degrees was the wind, bone chilling it was. Add to these two elements the fact that there was no power in much of the city and outlying areas. 

The weight of the ice on the trees and power lines had caused this

and this

Everywhere we went there were snapped power lines and fallen trees, it looked almost like a war zone. 

BUT, help is already on the ground and efforts are being coordinated to help clean up the downed lines and broken trees. As we were entering the city we saw lines of power company trucks entering the city too, ready to begin restoring power in such dire circumstances. 

And, as is usually the case, members of the church had already begun cleaning up and helping those who were unable to help themselves.

Hank and Bishop Terry are in the beginning stages of organizing work crews to go up to Paris a week from today. I know a week is a long way off when you have trees and debris littering your yard but efforts must be coordinated with city officials. I know without a doubt that when the call does go out to come help, many, many, many individuals, young and old, will be ready with chain saws in hand to go and serve. I'm ready, just waiting to hear 'go'.

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