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Ah, Thanksgiving, the cipher of holidays. No candy to be given out to begging children and no glitzy wrapped packages or twinkly lights to delight the masses. No, you are the middle child of the holiday season. But, you are the one time of year, or so the Internet and newspapers say, when people will fill the roads and skies traveling to visit loved ones near and far, or just traveling to visit places. I was one of those travelers this last week. Any guesses as to who I went to visit? Yep, you got it, my beyond adorable grandson. Which I will tell you about later. Today, I want to share my travel experience getting from here to there.

Since Daughter and Son-in-law, collectively known as Larry, married in the month of November, I thought it would be nice to fly out as soon as I got out of work on Friday so they could have a weekend to themselves. This meant taking the late flights, which if Mother Nature is cooperating, isnt' so bad. Mother Nature was not cooperating. But I'm not sure where she was having a hard time because in my neck of the woods everything was fine and dandy. I was a few minutes late leaving our little regional airport for the big airport but not anything to worry about since I had plenty of time to catch the second leg of the trip. Once I got to DFW I discovered that my flight to PHX had been delayed by a couple of hours. Lovely. No matter, people watching is fabulous at airports. And oh were there people to watch. Not only had my flight been delayed, so had every other flight. Yep, things were nice and cozy. 

Delayed flights meant that electronic devices, mine included, need to be charged for the long flights. As big as DFW is and as prolific as electronic devices have become, you'd think that DFW would have more places to charge up. I managed to find one kiosk on my end of the terminal and boy were people huddled up around it.

It took a while before I was able to finagle an outlet for my device. I call this photo Umbilical Cords.

Funny how life has changed, how lost we seem to be with out the constant connectedness these devices seem to give.

I thought it sad that approximately fifteen people were standing or sitting so close to each other that personal space was almost nonexistent and yet no one said more than 'excuse me, may I plug this in'. I decided to change that and struck up a conversation with the person nearest to me. I learned that she was on her way to Milan, Italy by way of London. She was going to join her husband there, he'd already left a day or so before her, they had recently purchased a vacation home at Lake Como. When she said this, I thought to myself, 'whoa, girl, what do y'all do for a living!' she couldn't have been more than thirty five. Then she and another woman started talking about life in Europe versus life in the United States. Not having anything to contribute to that conversation, I unplugged and wandered around for a bit.

My wanderings brought me to the screens that post departures and arrivals. At DFW the screens go to blue as the departures become fewer and fewer, things were looking very blue.

I wandered a bit more, knowing that in a short time I'd be confined for two hours. My departure was from what Daughter and I call the 'cool' terminal, terminal D. Terminal D is from where many of the international flights depart. There are cool places to eat, cool people to see, cool languages to hear, cool places to window shop, cool bathrooms where the stalls are big enough for you AND your carryon luggage, and cool sculptures. 

I finally left DFW at eleven that night and got to Phoenix around midnight Phoenix time. I was more than ready to head to Larry's and get some rest. All I had left was to ride the shuttle to the car rental center, pick up my car and head north. Ah, but no. One more little glitch. 

I get to the Avis rental place ready to see my name on the board telling me which stall has my car but I saw nothing. Oy vey. A trip to the rental counter to talk to the nice I'm-new-on-the-job clerk revealed that since my rental was for November 22 and it was now November 23 the system had canceled my reservation. Lovely. Fortunately, there were cars available but the computer was not and that made the entire process of renting the car take far longer than needed because the computer couldn't locate my Avis Preferred rental number, sheesh. After thirty minutes at the rental counter I was finally on my way, in the driving rain. Yes, folks, it was raining in Phoenix, Arizona, what kind of fluke was that. At two o'clock in the morning I was finally at Larry's house. Tired but so happy that in four or five hours I'd be hugging my grandson, oh and Larry too. 

My return home was not at all adventurous, boring actually. I did take advantage of no longer having to turn off portable electronic devices as soon as the airplane door closed. Shortly after take off, I took this shot of Big D all lit up. My only regret is that I didn't have the Canon ready, I would have loved a closer, tighter shot.

Can't wait for my next flying adventure.

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