Just Passing Through

I think Baby Sis has begun to rub off on me. 

Baby Sis is a tree hugger, I say this with the utmost love and respect.  She champions the need to eliminate GMOs from our food, recycles every last little, itty-bitty piece of paper, plastic (she's so adept at recycling plastic that she can tell you what each number inside the triangle means), and aluminum, repurposes like no one's business, and looks out for the wild things. I don't know about GMO's, I need to read more about them before I take a stance, I'm trying to recycle as much as I can and I worry about some of the wild things. 

I'm not a proponent of no hunting, although it's not something I would ever pursue. I understand the need for hunting excess deer (as long as you eat what you kill) and killing off wild hogs. I don't, however, understand the need to kill wildlife that is simply living its life as God intended. 

A week or so ago, Hank saw a lone Wylie wandering in our pasture in the middle of the day. Turns out he/she was just passing through. It struck us both as odd that it was a lone coyote, we've always seen them traveling in pairs. Over the past week Wylie would roam around and then pass through, checking the area for gophers and other critters to serve as his meal. Halloween night, he serenaded me with his lonesome howl, I though it appropriate and lovely. 

He came close to the house Sunday, close enough that if he were my dog I could have pet him. I tried to capture it with the Canon but the settings were all wrong. I did, however, capture him wandering around the pasture right before I left for church.

I was very stealth again, as with the geese. I've learned over the years that when it comes to coyotes one must be very, very stealth, they have excellent hearing, ya know. Had she heard the door open she would have bolted faster than I don't know what.

Hank and I had grown fond of our little friend. It roamed around with the cows, never bothering them, just looking for gophers and mice. Unfortunately, there were some in the area that didn't share our affection for Wylie. He wandered into an adjoining ranch and met his demise. It makes me sad. 

It's quiet tonight without his plaintive song to accompany my evening routine. Yep, Baby Sis is really beginning to rub off on me.