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I told you about one of my favorite local haunts a few years back, three to be exact. In addition to all the intriguing and hard to find toiletries, Drug Emporium is also a purveyor of health food and organic things (Baby Sis would be in Nirvana). I always take a cruise through the aisles when I visit DE. I never cease to be amazed at the things 'tree hugger' types will ingest. I'm not judging, just intrigued at what constitutes 'healthful' food and why anyone would ingest such. Okay, don't judge me, I know, too many years of GMOs, highly processed foods, blah, blah, blah. But let me illustrate and elaborate. 

Item #1

Chia seeds? All I know about chia has to do with pets...and not the kind you can cuddle. Seriously, if you eat this will you have green fuzzy stuff growing in your belly? eeww. The package says that it's Aztec superfood. Hmmm, does this mean chia pets have around since the time of the Aztecs? Interesting, no?

Item numero dos.

Here we have the Mayan superfood, cacao nibs. I know what cacao is, it's where chocolate comes from and it has been around since way before Columbus sailed in 1492...but I always thought the Aztecs came up with the whole chocolate thing.  Maybe the manufacturer got the labeling wrong. Anyway, if cacao nibs taste anything like unsweetened chocolate, eeww. Pfftttt!

Exhibit C.

Nopal is Spanish for cactus, specifically the kind that bears prickly pears (these by the way, are delish!). There are even some of my peeps who like to eat the cactus itself, naaat me. eeww. But, this is liquid stuff, which, if it's slimy like the cactus, double eeww. 

Exhibit D, E, F, G

Hemp, ummmmmm, when I was growing up, back in the seventies, hemp was only one thing and you didn't drink it or fry with it.  It was smoked and if cooked with the effects were less than healthful, if you get my meaning. I see now that there are myriad of uses/products of hemp...not just smoking and lacing food with it. However, I do have a bone to pick, how does one milk a hemp plant or an almond tree for that matter? There is something not right about calling something milk when mammary glands are not involved. Yes, I'm judging now. 

Exhibit Y & Z 

The above two I could possibly get into.  If exhibit Y tastes like an Almond Joy, oh yeah, count me in! And what's not to like about beans and chipotle flavors, yum. 

I did notice a common thread in all of these products...they are expensive!!! Eight bucks for oil? Twelve for hemp and flax seed blend?  Thirteen bucks for chia seeds?! And the big winner...cactus juice twenty eight bucks, zowie! Healthy eating ain't cheap.

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