CC XC, It's All The Same

There's a first time for everything, isn't there. I had a first this weekend. I attended my first cross country meet. Even though Brother ran CC while in high school, until Saturday, I'd never been to a meet (what can I say, I was all wrapped up in 'me' back then). It was...nice. Is that the word I want, nice? Hmmm, enjoyable? Yes, it was enjoyable...mmm no that's not the word. Interesting? Ummm, yeah that too, interesting. It was interestingly nice and enjoyable, ah, yes, that's the way to put it. So here's what I learned.

1. Do not take a shower before attending a XC meet in Texas in ninety degree weather. You'll have to take one all over again when you get home...and since everyone is sweating gallons after they run no one will be able to tell that you didn't take one before coming. TMI, I know.

z. Cross County can be shortened to CC or XC, it's all the same.

ii. There are a lot of runners...and even more spectators at these meets. Which makes it hard to find someone, like the team you're there to root for.

12. Don't wear flip-flops, sandals, or anything with open toes to a XC meet. Not comfortable, (no place to sit) and you'll have dusty toes in the end.

h. Take a lawn chair and water. No place to sit, no concession stand.

iv. Don't give up on finding your peeps, you eventually will...if you stay close to the starting/finishing line. Here's the girls' JV team.

and... the varsity girls' team. 

B. The boys' teams were harder to find and once found no photo op. Sorry fellas, next time.

3. These kiddos run fast, really, really fast. The varsity boys winner finished in under fifteen minutes. 

iii. I don't see how they don't trip over each other at the starting line. Sheesh! So many people!

g. CC pics are not glamorous, but, you can see the effort and exhaustion on their faces.

yy. This Little Miss came in twenty third out of that sea of varsity girls, shaving two minutes off last week's time. So proud of her!

7. Schools from far and wide came to this 'little' meet. And this isn't even one fourth of all the buses that filled the parking lots.

VI. Where in Texas is Eustace? Hank says over by Ft. Worth. Three hours away. Long way to come for a sporting event that starts at seven. 

H. I'm inspired to take up running! Uh, no that would be a lie. 

I really enjoyed my little adventure, ready for the next one. I'll remember the lawn chair too.


  1. Start Running V! It's not as bad as it looks once you get going. That's coming from someone who grew up in a household where "run" was practically a bad word.

    1. Ha!!! I've tried running and just can't seem to get farther than running one lap on the track! I'd love to have the ability to run one mile but somehow my lung capacity doesn't seem to go beyond one quarter mile. I love what you said about 'run' being a bad word at your house growing up :)! I guess running after wayward cow doesn't count, huh?