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Wow, look-y here, two blog posts in the same month! As always, I've not lacked for things to blog about, I've just not made it a priority...oy. Reader's Digest synopsis: after Rocket Man, I mourned; inservice at work, ugh; hot and dry, yuck; students are back, hmmm; too much time on my feet, they hurt; Duck Dynasty has become a fixture of society, there are worse things.

Sunday, while talking on the phone with Daughter, I spied movement on the kitchen floor. Closer inspection revealed that it was a lizard, the black-blue striped kind. The kind that move faster than lightening, well, I guess all lizards move as fast as lightening. I hung up, grabbed the broom and tried to scoot it on out the door. At least that was the plan. Lizzy had other ideas. While scooting it out the door, it found a crack the width of a fingernail file and slither through it and hid behind the dishwasher. Uh, huh. I knew there was no way of getting it out so I figured that was that, it would starve and die.

Yesterday, I got this text from Hank

Uh boy. 

Today, I'm Facetiming with Daughter (we like to talk, what can I say) and I see movement on the upholstered chair, less than two feet away from me, I tell Daughter 'I gotta go, the lizard's on the thing'. Yes, I said thing, I was so excited to get it out of the house that I couldn't think straight. Once again, I go get the broom to scoot it out of the house, this time with more determination. Okay, I'll be honest, I had one mission in mind: get it out of my house no matter what. I was taking no prisoners. I wasn't going to scoot, I was going to fling. My goal was one hard fling and it would be out the door, heck it was only six feet to the door. Lizzy didn't cooperate. It took three hard flings to get it out the door. 

Sadly, V one, lizard 0. 

I don't relish exterminating wildlife, unless it's a snake (hate, hate, hate them) or a black widow (hate, hate them). But, when they choose to enter my domain, I will do all I can to reclaim my territory. Although....

...if I find out what has been wreaking havoc in my yard, I will take drastic action. Maybe even learn how to shoot one of them thar guns Hank has.

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