2:30 a.m. and the circle of life

For the last couple of nights 2:30 has been my wake-up time. Not my getting up time mind you but my wake-up time. I can't blame Insomnia this time, though it did take up residence once I was wide awake, grrr.

Friday morning I woke up because Thursday night I drank three bottles of water in three hours time. Not a wise move I know but I went to the local high school football game and it was one hundred degrees! 2:30 a.m. was the bewitching hour. As I crossed the threshold of the bathroom to the bedroom I heard a noise that stopped me in my tracks. My heart started pounding, my mouth went dry and I couldn't move. It was a noise that indicated that something was being chased, caught, then chased again. I contemplated investigating but knew that if I did sleep would say adios and that would be that. I convinced myself that going back to bed was more important than playing Sherlock, it was a work day after all. I climbed back into bed and tried to fall asleep, it was a losing battle until four thirty. A thirty minute power nap, getting up time is 5:00 a.m., was better than no nap at all. After we'd gotten ourselves ready for the day, I told Hank about my little early morning adventure. 

He investigated. He discovered this. 

Something had killed this armadillo, it left no evidence as to what it was and how it did the deed. It did leave evidence of having chased it's prey.

After dinner Hank and I discussed what might have brought about the poor armadillo's demise. Coyotes? No, not their style to leave dinner behind. Bobcat? Nah. Mountain lion? One quick swipe with the paw would have killed it so no need to chase, pause, chase. Dogs? Maybe. A few hours later it was off to bed and no more thoughts of dead armadillos. Or so I thought.

Saturday, 2:30 a.m., again. This time I was snug as a bug in my bed and was awakened from a sound sleep by the oddest moaning I'd ever heard. I though maybe Hank was having problems breathing so I sat up. Nope, he was fine. Then, the moaning again. This time, I was investigating.

I got up, walked to the dinning room and turn on the outside porch light hoping to see I dont' know what. Then I heard barking, the high pitched bark of the neighbor's dog. A few seconds later, running by what sounded like a herd. I moved to look out the front window, turned on lights and there they were. The neighbor's three dogs were tormenting another armadillo. Hank told me I should have woken him up Friday morning, so I figured he'd want to be awakened this time too. So I did.

The plan was to scare the dogs away and hopefully the armadillo would head for the hills. We weren't quick enough. By the time we got outside the dogs had already started feasting on their kill. Gross. They ran off as we were walking outside. Hank got his 22 and put the armadillo out of its misery. 

I don't care for armadillos, they've been wreaking havoc on my yard over the past week or so, but, it's rather unsettling to realize that dogs are responsible for the marauding. They also destroyed one of my flower beds.

I surmise the armadillo was trying to hide when the dogs drug it out of its hiding spot. It had dug half way to China.

I get it y'all, the circle of life blah, blah, blah, but in my yard? No thank you. 

I hope the neighbor's dogs have learned some manners and will stay away tonight. A three-peat will bring out the animal in me. I'm ready for a night of eight hours of blissful sleep. 

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