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Hank checked in on the blog last night. His comment 'hey, it's been a while since you posted.' Yes, yes it has. All I can say is, it's been a hectic month since the last post. So, in the immortal words of Inigo Montoya, lemme sum up...Instagram/iPhone style.

Beginning June 27, and ending on the twenty ninth, Hank and I, along with several other adults, traveled to Hugo, Oklahoma with the youth from our stake for Youth Conference. This year it was a reenactment of the Mormon pioneers crossing the plains to Utah, complete with handcarts. No air conditioning, no flushing toilets, no portable electronic devices for the youth. It was hot (100 degrees), humid, and with air so still you could stir it, you get the picture. I think it's safe to say that as arduous as it may have been, the kids enjoyed it.

A staple the pioneers would have loved to have.

Lowering the handcarts down one of many ravines.

A guest speaker brought actual artifacts from the pioneer's time.

Mail delivery the original way

Two days after the end of Trek, I winged my way to the Pacific Northwest for two weeks with la familia. It was mahvahlous. 

Baby Sis and her Hubs
It has become a tradition that if I visit during the Fourth of July, we MUST go view the fireworks from one of the bridges that traverse the Willamette. Love this tradition.
One hour before the begining, which by the way is around ten

Just before it begins. This sea of humanity was a bit unnerving for me.

This year we had the perfect vantage point, that's the barge from where they set off the fireworks. Perfection.

A day of antique hunting? In Vancouver, Washington? Yes, please.

Hank joined me for the last weekend of my trip. Baby Sis suggested a trip to the coast with Older Sis, her Hubs as well as Ma and Pa. It was glorious.

We rented a house two blocks from the beach, it came complete with, as Daughter called it, a Ricky and Lucy room...Hank and I opted for the king bed (sorry OS). 

As you can tell I couldn't get enough of the beach or sunsets. Living so close to the beach as a child, it was heaven to be near it again. 

My almost fifty and my forty five (I think) year old brothers-in-law had never had Smores. Hank and Baby Sis took care of that. One loved it, the other said 'eh'. I'm with 'eh'. 

No post on Portland would be complete without a nod to its weird quirky side.  Really? Hmmmm.

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  1. What a wonderful way to spend your summer!