Smart Cookie

Last year, I told you about a young woman who had recently immigrated to the United States.  I have an update for you. 

This school  year I had the privilege of having her as a student in my Spanish 2 class, not that she needed to learn any Spanish (she schooled me on a couple of things) but she did need the credits to be able to graduate. We've also developed a bond of sorts as she joined me for lunch each day. We chatted about this and that, reminisced about Mexico, tried to explain customs in the US and talked about plans for the future. 

Miss A is a very, and I mean very smart, young woman. You know all those standardized tests I moan and groan about? Well, she's had to take them since arriving last year. Yep, not knowing a lick of English she had to take them. Obviously, she didn't do well last year. This year, I'm happy to say, she passed all of them except one. Science, passed. Math, passed. Social Studies, passed. Reading, passed. Writing, she missed by one point. Grrr. I have no doubt that she will pass the writing on the next go round. 

In addition to her success on the standardized tests, she was also recognized at the Academic Awards Assembly. She maintained an 'A' average for the school year. There were no 'blow off' classes either, English, Geometry, Physics, History, you get the picture.

I'm quite proud of this little chickie. 

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