Rhythm, Routine, Rut

(I'm trying something new. Lisa-Jo Baker has a writing challenge each Friday. I'm going to give it a whirl and see how it goes.)

Three 'R's'. Routine. Rut. Rhythm. They all mean pretty much the same thing but each has a different connotation. Routine = mundane. Rut = boring. Rhythm = smooth, flowing, interesting.

I like rhythm. Life, is rhythm. It flows, sometimes smoothly, like a waltz. Sometimes interestingly, like a salsa.


  1. Today was my first Five Minute Friday, too! I like how you compared rhythm to routines and ruts. I think I'm afraid of rhythm because I fear it is too much like a routine, but you've made me think of it in a fresh perspective. Thanks!

    1. Jen, Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only newbie. Linking has be a definite change of rhythm, a good change.

  2. I love your thoughts on rhythm. Your pictures are beautiful. The woods make me want to change the rhythm of my today and take a walk.


  3. Thank you for stopping by. Loved your post. Rhythm is a hard word for me to spell when I am running on all pistons....but at was hard.