It Was A Zoo in More Ways Than One

My poor neglected blog. Why do I neglected you? It's not for a lack of thoughts, there are oh so many swirling around in my head. I suppose it's the usual lament of 'there aren't enough hours in the day'. But, I would venture to say that's not really the reason. Truth be told, I'm lazy, plain and simple. In my old age the spirt is still very willing but the body is often too weak to do much of anything. Sigh.

Let me make amends and begin again with my latest foray. 

Today was field trip day. Art Teacher, my partner in crime when it comes to the Student Council, and I took some of the StuCo members to the zoo. I'm always a bit apprehensive about taking a group of adolescents out of their daily routine. Bad things have been known to happen. But, I will say this, the group of kiddos that we have the pleasure of chaperoning is a well-behaved bunch, so I don't fret as much. Notice I said, as much, they are after all teenagers...and teens think they are invincible.

The day was somewhat muggy and misty when we left for the zoo, it was anything but that when we headed back. Oh. My. Goodness. Summer is here and spring didn't have a chance to say good-bye. Oy. I always dread the first hot day after weeks and weeks of coolish weather. Let the acclimating begin. 

I ran into a friend while at the zoo. He told me he'd heard that today there were suppose to be approximately sixteen hundred kids at the zoo. I think his sources were right. It was a zoo in more ways than one. I'd venture to say that our group of kiddos was the oldest one there. Let me just say this,  I marvel at the patience of the teachers who have anyone younger than high school age. They are saints in my book. While walking about one had to look down more than up for fear of traipsing on a wee one. Fortuneately, each group of wee ones was well chaperoned and corralled when needed.

The Caldwell Zoo is a wonderful little zoo. Lots of flora and fauna.

Some of the fauna.

The scarlet ibis were nesting, you can kind of make out the egg in the middle. I'm amazed that they are able to nest with all the commotion that sixteen hundred kiddos can make.

Some of the flora.

After a day at the zoo I was exhausted when I got home. Like a little one might do, I came home and promptly took a nap, albeit a short one but it was refreshing. Glad I only do field trips once a year.

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