Dis and Dat

1. Our weather was a bit dicey yesterday. Hot, humid, air so thick you drank it more than inhaled it. At four o'clock things began to look really interesting. Moore, Oklahoma was weighing heavy on my mind as I looked at these low hanging clouds. I couldn't get the images of obliterated homes, bewildered children and the love and care of first responders out of my mind. 

Fifteen minutes or so after I took the above, the rain began. Nothing extraordinary, just your typical Texas rain storm.

Gorgeous sunset at the end of it all.

e. Last year at this time I was in Portland. My dad had just received his kidney transplant. Time flies doesn't it? I am still amazed at the skill of the surgeons and the miracle that transplant surgery is. My only regret is that I haven't heard of who the donor was or who his/her family is. How I would love to reach out to them and thank them for their loved one's selfless act of kindness. Our family is richer because of their generosity. 

VII. Work is wrapping up. MUST. HANG. ON. Round two of standardized testing took place last week. These tests make the natives even more restless than they already are at the end of the school year. Many of them think that since they've taken the tests school is over for the year, never mind that Spanish doesn't have a standardized test. I could pull hen's teeth easier than it is to keep some of them interested and motivated to finish out the year. Sheesh! My philosophy is don't tell them when the school year ends. One day just tell them that they don't have to come back the next day. If you keep 'em guessing they stay on their toes. Sneaky, I know, but it could work. 

iii. Rocket Man is growing up much too fast. Counting the days until Hank and I get to see him and Larry is making me restless and unmotivated. Until then, Instagram and FaceTime are our life lines to them. Oh, how I love technology....sometimes.

Adorable. Don't you agree?

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