Channeling Georgia

My friend, Art Teacher, has realized one of her dreams. She opened her own art studio. Kelly opened her studio in January, I finally made it out to take one of her classes. I'll share my experience in just a bit but first a quick tour of the studio.

The building has been many things, a bank, a daycare center, a laundromat, and an apartment. After so many interesting lives, the building sat vacant for many years. Kelly and her business partner, transformed a derelict into a shabby chic, comfy place.

I'm so happy for her, it's always great to realize a lifelong dream. 

Kelly's studio is not too different from many that have opened recently. You and your friends, you and your mom, you and your child, or just you, can come to the studio and paint the picture that is being offered that day, she provides everything...even some munchies! She's also had some painting parties. Think birthday party, wedding shower, baby shower, twenty fifth wedding anniversary, a retirement party, in other words, whatever kind of party you can imagine. Let Kelly know you would like to have a party and she'll set you up. Recently, she had a birthday party for a group of eleven year old girls, it was fun...and interesting as the attention span of eleven-year olds is rather short. My friend Art Teacher can handle them though, she's taught high school kids for almost as long as I have, which makes us almost invincible. Right?

Kelly and Shelly, her business partner, have a Facebook page that showcases their wares, go here to check it out. 

Ah, now, what you've been waiting debut as an artist. Um, yeah, I wish. 

Last night's painting was a sunflower, on of my favorite flowers. Here's the example Kelly painted ahead of time. This is what we were all aiming to achieve.

My blank canvas. I've used this metaphor so often it's kinda nice to not be using it as a metaphor. 

So scary to mix that first batch of paint. The only paint I'd ever mixed before was the kind that sits around too long in the can.

Even more nerve wracking...putting it on the canvas. 

The most nerve wracking...painting the flower! I kept trying to tweak the orange/yellow/brown ratios but couldn't quite get it to look like the example, so I just said it was good and moved on to the center. 

My finished painting. I think Georgia O'Keefe is jealous, don't you? Okay, maybe not.

Crafty Friend came and painted too, here's her masterpiece. Along with the others.

Looking at everyone's paintings brought home to me that even though we all used the exact same paint colors, looked at the exact same example we each created something very different. Even the painting Kelly did to show us the technique turned out very different from her example. 


  1. I've really been wanting to try that!! Yours looks great!! Know what you're gonna do with it yet?

    1. Liz, you MUST give it a try, so much fun and amazingly, relaxing. A night sans kids and hubs, wonderful. I have it hanging in the laundry room, it was the only place with a blank wall :).