A Dangerous Thing

Raise your hand if you know what the this question is referring to: Do you pin? 

Yay! I see many virtual hands going up! 

Since I didn't have a Young Women's lesson to review this fine Sunday morning, I found my self perusing through the many pins I'd been missing out on over the last several months, it'd been a looong time since I had check anything pinteresting. Lemme just tell ya, it's a dangerous thing trying to catch up. Too many things you wish you had time for, hunger to eat, long to do, marvel at, and hanker to try. I had pin overload. BUT, I'm glad I stop in because....

....I found some cool websites to revisit. Most interesting of all was craftgawker. Oh. My. Goodness! If you like crafting this is the place to go. It's a clearing house for various craft sites, so many amazing crafty people out there.

Cool crafty stuff like this from Live Laugh Rowe

pic from Live Laugh Rowe
Or, how about this cool idea from Just Crafty Enough. Awesome idea to reuse, recycle.

pic from Just Crafty Enough

How's this for a Mother's Day gift on the cheap from My Own Ideas. I would enjoy this as a gift, wouldn't you?

pic from My Own Ideas
There are craft ideas for kids and for kids to make, like this one from One Artsy Mama.

pic from one artsy mama
Guess what? There's also a dwellinggawker, a weddinggawker, a stylegawker (for all you fashionistas out there), and a foodgawker (foodies of the world unite). I suppose these sites are akin to Pinterest but they are organized specific to that topic, which is good, because you can spend HOURS looking at sites/ideas in that one area, and bad because you can spend HOURS looking at that one area. 

Have an extra hour or two on your hands, or you just want to procrastinate cleaning the house, doing homework, fixing dinner, taking a bath, walking the dog (oooh maybe not procrastinate this one) whatever, go do some Gawking, you'll thank me later.

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