Mr. & Mrs.

This last weekend was fabulous. Two reasons. 

Reason one, I was with my two favorite peeps (please excuse the blur, I was too close).

Daughter was here, always a very good thing, for a wedding, Mountain Man's wedding...that's reason numero dos for the fabulousness of the weekend. We were all thrilled that Mountain Man had found his sweetie, we approve. Not that it matters but, well, MM is like family and we all want happiness for our family. Ya, know.

The wedding was lovely. Perfect setting, the back drop was the Dallas skyline.

You never know what to expect in Texas, in March, when it comes to the weather, this weekend it was perfect, at least by wedding time. It had been a bit dicey earlier in the day.

Of course the bride was beautiful and the groom handsome.

I'm not sure about other places but in Texas, and perhaps the South in general, along with the traditional wedding cake there is a groom's cake, which is usually a variation of chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Mountain Man was original, he chose what he knew best, an epitome of his East Texas roots. Yam pie. I. Loved. It.

Daughter had an early flight back so we, unfortunately, were unable to partake of the pie or beautiful cake. I'm sure both were tasty.

Words are insufficient to express the joy I felt for Mountain Man on his wedding day. His bride is truly the ying to his yang, the sweet to his salty, the marshmallow to his hot chocolate, you get the idea...she completes him. I know that Mountain Man's family is so very pleased with his choice, I hope that Mrs. Mountain Man's family is too. Both families were blessed with this union, many happy years of wedded bliss Mr. and Mrs. Mountain Man.

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