Last Weekend

Saturday, Hank and I headed to Big D to attend the temple.  After a week of bombings, explosions, and manhunts, I was beyond ready for a place of peace and some uninterrupted introspection. I found both in the temple. 

Our journey to and from Dallas was interesting. This past weekend, unbeknownst to us, just happened to be the weekend of the one hundred mile long, give or take a few miles, garage sale along US Highway 80, our preferred route to Big D. Oh my, if garage sales are your thing, you would have been in heaven. Zipping by at seventy, forty or even twenty miles an hour made it hard to see exactly what everyone was selling. The blurs I could make out ranged from clothes to furniture, you know typical garage sale stuff. I'll be honest, had I been traveling solo I so would have stopped at a couple of places but since Hank was chauffeur, and perusing other people's junk is not his idea of a good time, we moseyed on down the highway. I'll have to pencil this event on my to do list for next year.

We lived life on the edge after the temple, we didn't eat at either of our usual spots. We ventured to a place we'd tried once before, a placed we had enjoyed but always seem to forget.

I wouldn't say it's high brow Tex-Mex but it is a little higher class than most, at least Hank and I made that call based on the heft of the cutlery. 

The chips, excellent. Not paper thin nor greasy, both musts on my list of what constitutes a good chip. They are almost as good as what my mama used to make.

Ah, the food. Yum. Had the tortillas been fresh-made, I would give this place five forks. Five forks is my own personal rating system. 

Best thing about this place, they give you more than a thimble full of guacamole. 

If you want to try Mi Cocina, it's in the shopping center on the southwest corner of Preston and Forest. You won't be disappointed if you do.

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