A Proposition

I have a proposition. I think it's a good one, at least it makes sense to me. 

Every January, scores of individuals promise themselves, by way of resolutions, that they will begin to do this or stop doing that only to give up on themselves two weeks later. I know why, it's the wrong time of year. Yep that's right it's the wrong time of the year. Why try and make changes when everything is bleak, bare, with blizzards blowing outside. Seriously, it's a depressing time! My proposition? Make your resolutions on March 20, the first day of spring. Spring is all about renewal and rebirth, why not resolutions!

As you look around, Mother Nature is setting the stage for success. 

Shrubs are bursting out of their winter slumber.

Blooms are emerging out of their winter cocoons.

Plants are pushing through their earthy blankets.

All around riotous color brightens the mood, beckoning you to succeed with your resolutions. 

How am I doing? Makes sense, doesn't it? 

In case you're not convinced yet, here's one more argument, spring is about the impossible. Too often we give up on our resolutions because of the 'I can't' mantra. Mother Nature doesn't know those two words, therefore spring brings about the seemingly impossible. Take a close look at this symbiotic relationship.

A red bud and an oak. You see the red bud but not the oak? 

Okay, a closer look. A little closer, you ask?

I can oblige.

I know, this relationship must end.  Believe me, I've tried to end it, the oak is stubborn. See the three little stems, those are my attempts at trying to end it but the mighty oak keeps coming back. 

Spring is all about doing the impossible and emerging from the bleakness of winter, about getting ready for what's ahead in the summer and fall. So why not create changes in our life too (I'm preaching to myself here, folks). I'm going to take inventory and create some resolutions, well maybe a couple. Care to join me?

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