A Horrible Song With a Horrible Verse

Once again, our nation has been rocked by something sinister. Something we can't begin to make sense of nor understand.
Photo: David L. Ryan, The Boston Globe via Yahoo News
And once again the only thing, perhaps the best thing, we can all do pray. 

Pray for the dead and their families, to receive comfort at a very difficult time. Pray for those who witnessed firsthand the atrocities, the mayhem, the carnage, that though they may never forget what they witnessed, that they may survive without lasting mental anguish. Pray for the first responders. Pray for our leaders and agencies in charge to find the motive and those that perpetrated this evil. Pray for ourselves, that despite the anger we may feel, that we will be level headed and not jump to conclusions, a tall order, I know.

Over the last twelve years, I've felt guilty going about my daily business after one of these catastophies. But, after moments of retrospection and mourning, to NOT go about our business would mean that 'they' win. I don't give in. I don't quit. So,I will not allow evil to permeate my life. I will pray. I will be faithful. 

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