Um, is anyone still checking this blog of mine? I know, I'm sorry I've been lazy, busy, sick (really, I was) and otherwise occupied these past couple of week and..., well, I'll quit while I'm ahead. My goal is to post three times this week, it is Spring Break after all and I have all the time in the world to muse and share. Plus, I'm going to visit Rocket Man in his new digs and THAT is worthy of at least three posts don't you think? 

A couple of weeks ago I took Pew Buddy to her second softball practice, oh what fun! I'm going to get a bit nostalgic and tell you that as I drove out to the practice field I had memories of taking Daughter to her various activites. PB was as chatty as Daughter was at her age...and just as imaginative.  Pew Buddy's little sis is a cute little redhead. I tell you this so that you'll have a little background on our conversation...which she initiated out of the blue.

PB: I just love C's red hair, she's so cute. 
Me: I love it too! Your hair is kinda red too, isn't it?
PB: No, my hair is brown.
Me: Well, I suppose you could call it brown. Where do you think C gets her red hair? 
PB: Hmm, I don't know.
Me: Your dad has red hair, do you think maybe that's where she gets it?
PB: Yes! Every night she plays with daddy's hair and then she takes her hands and puts them in her hair so that's why her hair is red! Except, my daddy's hair is now green so that when we play hide and seek and he hides in the trees you can't see him.
Me: Oh really?! His hair is turning green?  So, will C's hair turn green now too after she plays with his hair? 
PB: Mmm, yes.

Gotta love a child's creative process.

Daughter was not involved in softball growing up, dancing was her thing, so it was a unique experience for me to see a fledgling learn the ropes.  I forget that running bases,

holding and swinging a bat,

and catching and throwing

have to be taught. I think PB is a natural. She did a great job of stomping on each bag as she ran the bases. Got some hits. And, did a pretty dang good job of catching and throwing the ball. I can't wait for that first game.

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