Lemme Sum Up

Arizona seems light years ago, really it's only been a week and a half. My impressions? Well, I'll show you.

If you know anything about Maricopa County Arizona, you'll understand when I tell you that being Hispanic, and looking like a Hispanic, and seeing two sheriff's cars pull into the same gas station Daughter and I were using made me just a tad nervous. I'm not a fan of Sheriff Joe's tactics.

The stately saguaro, I've decided, is the state 'tree' of Arizona. They were everywhere, kinda like the pine trees in My Little Corner of Texas, but not as thick. See those arms, it takes a saguaro years, as in at least fifty, to grow them, or so I was told.

Xeriscaping is alive and thriving in Phoenix. It makes sense, arid climate and all...BUT I just can't wrap my head around all the cacti in a yard.

Oh, and rocks. Yards full of rocks, lots and lots of rocks. Rocks are the grass of Phoenix but without the soft, cool feel of grass. Although, there was a smattering of homes with postage sized lawns. 

There were a few things that I liked about Daughters new digs. One is that an HOA makes for nice, orderly, quiet streets. Even if the pervasive home color is any shade of brown.

All of the negative is erased in the presence of this little fella.

Oh, how I miss him and Larry. I will have to learn to like Arizona, it will be my home away from home for a while. 

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