Where Y'all Been?

Tap tap. Hello? Is this thing on? Where've y'all been? Oh, you've been here? Really? I know, it's me. I'm the problem. I've been MIA from this blog for a couple of weeks. Did ya miss me?! As is usually the case when there's a lapse in blog posts, I blame Rocket Man. He was here. In my house. Leaving his little hand prints and slobbery kisses on everything. I can't bear to clean all of them up. Sigh.

The deed is done. Daughter, Son-In-Law and Rocket Man are now residents of the Copper State, a.k.a. The Grand Canyon State, a.k.a. Arizona and they will live in the Valley of The Sun. While SIL was transporting the family car and awaiting the arrival of all their precious belongs, Daughter and Rocket Man came and hung with Hank and me. We loved it, especially Hank as Rocket has developed quite a fondness for his Papa. Come five o'clock there was no one he'd rather be with than Hank, until it was time to eat and then I became the favorite.

I need to give kudos to my son-in-law, he is the hubby from heaven. While we were hangin', chillin' and relaxin' he and his dad were in Arizona slaving away unloading the moving truck, putting cribs and myriad objects back together, and unpacking boxes. There was still plenty to unpack when Daughter arrived but all the heavy stuff was done. Now that's the way to move.

From her texts and Instagram posts I can see that Daughter is settling in just fine, I had no doubt that she would. She's found all the important stores, Safeway, Target, the Container Store, what more could a girl ask for? Although Target is not just around the corner any more, she actually has to drive twenty minutes to get to it, bless her heart. Ha! As soon as she finds Anthropologie all will be right in the world. 

Hank and I are making plans to see the new digs during my spring break, hopefully the heat will not be in full swing. I'm anxious to see in person what she and SIL fondly call the Oakland Raiders entrance. But then again, hopefully she and Baby Sis will have taken care of the silver and black by the time we get there. Truth be told, I'm really more interested in being with Rocket Man again but you knew that didn't you. 

I won't bore you with another picture of my cute little boy. Ah, who am I kidding, I'm going to bore you with not one but two pictures of my little cutie patootie. 

He's got the walking thing down, much more fluid and less Frankenstein-ish, and is in a state of perpetual motion. He's growing up too fast, someone tell me how to make it stop! Wahhhh!!


  1. The pix melt my heart - especially Hank & RM!!

  2. I love seeing pics of precious!