Life Moves On

Daughter is moving. Sadly, it's not much closer to me than where she currently lives. Larry and Rocket Man will call Phoenix, Arizona home from now until they come to their senses and move to where destiny is calling them, Texas. There I've said it. I want my only child and her husband and my grandchild to move closer to me. I've already offered her a piece of land with a custom built home and free baby sitting whenever she wants. She hasn't jumped on that. I ask you, am I asking too much? Am I being unreasonable?? I think not! I jest. I would dearly love it if they did live closer to Hank and me but I'm smart enough to know that she and Son-In-Law are where they need to be at this time. Perhaps there will come a time when they move closer; Big D would be lovely.

Our recent trip to Utah was for the sole purpose of helping Larry pack up their home. With every box I filled and every counter I wiped down I vividly remembered the time I moved from Utah to an unknown place called Texas. I'll admit it, I fought back tears at the memories of leaving friends and a place I'd grown to love so very much. 

I've had a love affair with Utah for most of my life. It began when I left California to attend Brigham Young University and continues to this day. I also squelched a few tears at the thought of not visiting my home away from home on an almost monthly basis. It was almost as if I were moving away from there for a second time. Utah is special to me it's the place where I came to know myself, it's where I met and married Hank, it's where I attended and graduated from college, it's where I birth my one and only child, it's where my one and only attended and graduated from college, met and married her husband and where she birthed her child. I'm selfishly sad. When I shared my thoughts with Daughter, in her always pragmatic way, she told me 'oh mom, it's not like you'll never come back here'. To which I replied that I was doubtful about that. She then made me laugh when she said 'mom, you're a Mormon, you'll come back'.

Until the time comes when I return to visit I will once again miss seeing the mountains, the vibe that is found at my alma mater, and seeing life long friends. 

I look forward to exploring a place I've never been, other than to make a pit stop on a Southwest flight or to land and then drive to Yuma to see Brother. I will have to deal with a different weather extreme, one which I don't handle well. I will take the frigid negative two of last weekend over the one hundred ten of the Phoenix summers, heat is not my friend. However, I will deal with whatever Nature has to offer and I'll travel to the ends of the earth to be with this little guy. 

He is kinda special.

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  1. What a wonderful adventure for them {and you}! Utah will always be there, but this is a gift to see and explore somewhere new!