Back To My Roots

Last week one of my coworkers came into the workroom talking about getting his garden spot ready for planting. Hmm, I thought, it's that time, huh. For several years Hank has wanted to grow a vegetable garden, I've been hesitant to hitch my wagon up to this idea. Memories of canning quart after quart of tomatoes and the stickiness of making strawberry jam have been enough to confirm my mantra of it's just as cheap to buy it already canned. This year though, I think it's time to get back to my roots, no pun intended. 

As far back as I can remember my parents have had a vegetable garden. Corn, tomatoes, sugar peas, squash, and cilantro have been staples of their gardens. Dad says it's therapeutic for him to walk out and get his hands in the soil and gaze on the fruits of their labor. I understand that. I love working in the dirt planting flowers and tending to them throughout the summer months, even if it is ninety five degrees and eighty percent humidity. I'll admit though, I'm not so good at growing the veggies.  I attempted a vegetable garden when Daughter was young, I had no success. Perhaps it was that I was trying to grow carrots and radishes at the wrong time of the year or that my soil was not amended properly or that I overwatered, whatever the reason, I stunk. I gave up. My resolve to not try again was shored up by the fact that Hank's grandmother was a prolific gardener. She grew enough to can, freeze and share with the rest of us. She died fifteen years ago, I think it's time to get over my fears, crank up the tiller and get to work. 

I came across this magazine while in the check out line.

What caught my attention was not the Tomatoes For Texas blurb (I hate tomatoes, blach, phooie, yick, I'll eat them in a salsa, in spaghetti sauce and pick them out of a stew but to slice one up and put it in a salad or a sandwich, ick!) it was the Raised Beds on a Budget. Baby Sis grows her veggies in raised beds and swears it's easy peasy. I've seen her beds and it does look like something I can do. 

Coworker told me that he planted his onions last weekend so I guess Hank and I better get cracking or we'll miss planting season. Wish us luck. 


  1. Totally with you on the tomatoes. Yuck.

    You should check out the book "Square Foot Gardening." It's a raised bed method and it looks amazing. We're hoping to start this year. Melvin might have a copy.

  2. Learned more about gardening than I ever cared to know at RS this month but it was kind of interesting. I can tell you who taught the class - they do raised as well!