2013, An Odd Beginning

New Year's Day 2013 was unusual to say the least. It all began while Hank was in the family room and saw a strange dog wander past the window. This dog.

When he walked out to see what was going on, the dog cowered and gave him a look only a scared lost dog can give and he didn't have the heart to turn it away, which was a good thing. I'll elaborate in a moment.  Lost Dog made itself at home on our back porch. Even when we left to go to Uncle's house for New Year's lunch, it didn't budge. Nor did it budge as we left to catch our plane to see Daughter. We decided to feed it some chicken and give it plenty of water thinking it would leave while we were gone. I worried about it and came up with a plan to have a friend take it to Doc Spencer the following day to see if it had a locator chip and then proceed from there. I could now file this to the back of my mind and focus on winging my way to see Rocket Man and Larry.

We had a late departure from DFW, 9:40 p.m. was when we were suppose to leave, it was New Year's Day so I didn't expect to leave on time. We were finally in the air at around 10:15 p.m. The fight attendant had just given the 'it is now safe to turn on your portable electronic devices' announcement when the passenger sitting in front of Hank had a seizure. Her seat-mate and I frantically pushed the call button over and over but the flight attendants were slow to respond. I nudged Hank to wake up and he then frantically motioned for the flight attendants to hurry, which they finally did. After attending to the passenger and informing the captain, the decision was made to go back to DFW. Oh, wow. In all my years of flying, I've never had a plane do a U-turn. 

It took us about twenty minutes to return to our starting point. Once there the paramedics boarded the plane, evaluated the patient and determined to take her off the plane. At that point the captain came over the loud speaker and told us that we had had a 'hard landing' and that the plane had sustained some damage, ground crews were in the process of evaluating it and that it would take about thirty minutes. Oh, joy. Everyone was very patient, no harsh word were spoken, if anything everyone was rather jovial. 

While we were waiting for the ground crew to do their thing, Hank gets a text from the office manager asking about Lost Dog (I'd posted its picture on Instagram). Evidently, someone who knew Office Manager knew who Lost Dog belonged to. Office Manager used her Ace Ventura skills and Facebook to reunite Lost Dog with its owners. Hank asked Office Manager where Lost Dog lived, the answer: about five miles from our house as the crow flies.  What amazes me is that Lost Dog had to cross a busy highway, myriad acres of thick brush and forest, countless coyotes and a few other homes before it decided that our house was a the place to stay. I'm glad it did, otherwise who knows what might have happened to it. Wanna know what happened after the our thirty minute wait on the plane? You do? Okay!

After the thirty minutes had passed the flight attendant, or was it the captain...hmmm no matter, one of them announced that we would have to deplane and get on another plane because this one was not going anywhere tonight. Oy vey. Everyone gathered their two pieces of carry-ons and proceeded to deplane. No one mutter, nor complained. 

We all hopped on Skylink and five minutes later we were at our new gate in a new terminal, gotta love the vastness that is DFW. 

Interesting factoid, the terminals are emp-ty at midnight. The only thing stirring are the delivery people and all their boxes.

Even the TSA check points are locked-up tight as a drum. Kinda eerie, if you ask me.

At 12:40 we were finally on the plane ready to wing our way to Salt Lake City. Two hours and thirty minutes later we landed, tired, hungry and oh, yes, cold. Very, very, very cold. How cold you ask? This cold.

But all the delays and cold were well worth the reward in the end. The reward came four hours later when we woke up and saw this cute little man. 

Oh, 2013, if this is how my first day with you went, what will the rest of the year hold? 

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