Ring Side Seat

About a month ago, give or take a couple of weeks, Hank swapped a couple of the bulls, one from our side of the road and one his Uncle's side of the road. Ya, see Nick, this is Nick, everyone say hello,

and Macho, this is Macho, everyone say hello, (please forgive the distant shot, you'll understand why in a minute)

couldn't get along and share the harem. I thought the problem was Nick, uh, I was wrong. Macho was the problem. These two would literally butt heads so often that they weren't performing their, ahem, duties. Hank consulted with a trusted and wise old bull expert and the suggestion was made to swap bulls. Ah, huh. 

In exchange for Nick we got Ferdinand, this is Ferdinand, everyone say hello. Yes, he looks just like Macho. No, they are not brothers, at least I don't think they are.

Unlike the Ferdinand of the children's book, our Ferdinand doesn't spend his day picking flowers and making leis. He spends his days on the run from Macho. Evidently, Macho will share the harem with no bull. And, yet again, he's so busy tormenting Ferdinand that he's not taking care of, ahem, business. 

Last week, as I was getting in Ol' Red, I heard Macho bellowing and saw him sauntering in the west pasture. I watched for a moment to see where he was headed, in the distance I saw Fredinand. I ran back in the house and grabbed the Canon because, as you know, any good fight must be documented. Macho was on the prowl and he had one thing in mind, get Ferdinand (hence my long distance photos).

Ladies aaaannnd Gentlemen, in this corner, Ferdinand the feeble

and in this corner, Macho the meanie. 

I stood outside the ring, er pasture, for a good ten minutes. Ferdinand would paw up some dirt

Macho would continue to bellow and saunter toward Ferdinand. Ferdinand would bellow back.

Macho would keep sauntering. And then, he stopped. He turned his side toward Ferdinand and just stood there.

There they were, an impasse.

Neither would make a move just a bunch of bellowing. I would have continued my documenting but I had to get to work. I'm sure they eventually did butt heads and fight this time and many other times since because Ferdinand has a raw spot on his forehead and a bum back leg. 

This bully behavior has been going on for a month. Macho bellowing night and day loud enough to be heard all over creation tormenting Ferdinand and Ferdinand bellowing back but staying in his little corner of a two hundred acre ranch. 

This morning I saw him standing in the corner looking longingly across the road at Nick and the other black bull on Uncle's property.

He probably thinks life would be much better back on his side of the road. I'm sure it would. 

Hank said that Macho's days are numbered. No, he's not going to become someone's dinner, Hank's going to trade him or sell him for another bull. It can't happen soon enough, I'm tried of the posturing, the bellowing, the head butting, and the dirt throwing. Oh, my, this reminds of some of the boys at work. Hmmm...

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