Paging Bing Crosby

Little did Bing Crosby know that when he first sang White Christmas in the 1942 movie Holiday Inn, and then again in the remake White Christmas, that the notion of having a white Christmas would become ingrained in the hearts and minds of people the world over. Well, it became ingrained in  my mind at least. 

From 1977-1984 I live in Utah and never did I experience a white Christmas, mmm maybe it's because I would go home to California during the Christmas break, possibly, maybe? After Hank and I married in 1982 we stayed in Utah over the break but it never did snow on Christmas day, nor on the days before. I had to live in Texas for twenty eight years before ever experiencing the 'glistening tree tops' about which Bing so eloquently sang. Yep, folks, it snowed in My Little Corner of Texas on Christmas Day 2012, who'd a thunk it? It was lovely.

There is something ethereal about freshly fallen snow. The purity of the snow's whiteness makes everything seem new and unmarred. As I walked around the ranch this morning documenting what I saw, I marveled, as I always do when it snows, at the beauty before me and how interestingly snow clings to various surfaces.

In my mind the snow should have slid right off this chain but it didn't. It clung tenaciously to each link creating a beautiful sculpture. 

The juxtaposition of the snow on a crepe myrtle is rather interesting. It seems rather odd to have a hot weather plant covered in snow, doesn't it? Then there's the texture of snow against the smoothness of its bark, quite beautiful I'd say.

See the snow clinging to the edge of the birdbath? How'd it manage that? 

Snow along the edge of a road just seems to beckon you to travel down it, like Frost wrote in the Road Not Taken. 

There is a seemly endless quality that comes with a snow fall. This particular part of the ranch is quite open, the snow makes it seem even more so. Perhaps it's because of the whiteness of everything.

This majestic oak appears even more so when outlined in snow.

I love it when snow falls in My Little Corner of Texas. I get to experience the beauty and wonder that is snow and know that in two days time it will be gone and all will be right in my world again because I will not have to fear as the inexperienced snow drivers take to the road, that is a subject for another post. In the meantime, grab a cup of hot chocolate and join me on this bench, won't you?

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