My Weekend

I flew up to see Rocket Man this weekend, I was in need of a fix something fierce. It was an interesting flight up there. Not interesting in a bad way, just interesting odd. 

I was able to upgrade to a First Class seat, I was patting myself on the back once on board thinking I'd pulled off a great coupe. As it turns out only four seats were taken in  First Class, odd, very odd. Usually those premium seats are hard to come by, not this time. Turns out most of the flight was empty. I don't think there were seventy people on the flight. I think the last time I was on a half empty flight was thirty years ago. 

One more interesting tid-bit before I get on with the real reason for this post. The Texas Panhandle is not as desolate as I've always imagined. I'm not sure how far up the Panhandle we were but I do know that as I looked out into the blackness there were myriad twinkle-y lights from little bitty towns all over the place. There was one massive jumble of lights though, I figured it must have been Lubbock or Amarillo those two places are the only real 'civilization' that I know up in the Panhandle. 

And now for my Rocket Man. Last time I saw him was back in October. He has grown cuter, smarter and more rambunctious. He slap wore me out, as they say in My Little Corner of Texas. 

He loves to swing, I think we could have stayed at the park all morning and he would have been a happy camper, well maybe not, he gets a bit testy if he doesn't get his nap in, more on this in a moment.

Meal time is an adventure, I wouldn't say he's picky but if he sees that you're eating too, he'd rather have what you're having, even if it's the same thing. I suppose to a fifteen month old food tastes better off of someone else's plate. 

An appetizer of Cheerios is to be eaten thusly 

I have no explanation for this. I know Daughter doesn't eat her meals this way nor does Son-in-law, at least I don't think they do. 

Like Hank, Rocket Man loves, loves, loves books. They were my lifesaver this weekend; if he got fussy, suggesting a book to read got his interest and calmed him down, until it was nap time, more on this in a moment. He loves books so much that he goes to his little collection and pulls them all out, of course, and will then sit there and amuse himself for minutes turning the pages and chewing on them, gives new meaning to the term voracious reader.

Rocket Man crawls with the speed of a darting beetle. He's working on the concept of walking, though I'm sure he figures why walk when I can get to where I need to be lickity split on all fours. 

I love watching him take his Frankenstein steps. 

Everything is great in his little world until it's time for a nap. If Home Boy doesn't get his naps, he gets down right testy. Getting him to take said naps is a battle. He knows the process,  pacifier, blanket, monkey and into the crib and will do so willingly...actually going to sleep is another matter. This look sums it up. I'd just told him it was nap time and this is what I got.

You want me to take a what? Uh, no. 

I melted each time I looked at those big brown eyes, it was so hard to not give in to his desire to go the entire day with no naps. But, I was a good granny and made the kid take his nap. His battle with naps reminds me of another child, a child that I birthed. Ah, sweet pay back. 


  1. I love the cheerio! My girls like to eat like dogs too. Sometimes it gets so bad that I put their plate on the floor and tell them to go for it. That usually gets their doggie fix out so that they can resume a "civilized" dinner of taking the food off of the serving plates and completely ignoring everything that is on their own plate. It must be innate.