Ice, Ice, Baby

Melting snow is intriguing, especially when it comes to icicles. Here's what I saw today as I ferried Christmas decorations from the house to the barn (I'm not one to leave Christmas up much longer than the day after). 

There are the tiny ones that line up at attention.

The crazy, go-where-ever-I-want ones.

The hanging on for dear life ones.

And then there are the in your face, it-would-really-hurt-if-they-fell-on-you ones.

On closer inspection, you can see that icicles are not one smooth continuous spear shaped piece of ice. There are ridges that I assume are made from the melting/freezing/melting/freezing cycle throughout the day. I may be wrong on this, I guess I should Google before I pass on my non-scientific theories. 

This particular icicle was very thick at the base, I wanted to measure the circumference but knew that as soon as I touched it, it would probably break.

Here's the grandaddy of them all, it's almost scary to look at it.

Would someone like to Google how icicles are formed and then write a paper on it? Oh, wait, I'm not at work. Never mind the Googling assignment. Alright end of science class, you're all dismissed. What am I saying, I don't teach science! I need a nap. 

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