What Was Needed

It's been hard to drag myself out of the house and get back into a walking regimen since Dog died. Her need to be walked was my motivation to put on the Asics and move. I hadn't really seen the need to strap on the walking shoes lately, other than knowing it was something I should do but that wasn't motivation enough to get me out of the house or off the treadmill. However...Mother Nature has been showing off these past couple of week and I've found some motivation to get me out of the treadmill rut. Autumn has been putting on the Ritz this year and after whizzing by it at sixty miles an hour for the past couple of weeks, I decided it would be a shame to not experience it up close and personal.

So here you go, my Saturday morning constitutional via iPhone.

I love walking around my Little Corner of Texas in the wee hours of the morning (this day it was 7:00 a.m.,  so not so wee but I was the only one walking about at that moment) the peacefulness at that hour is perfection and coupled with the riotous colors Nature is serving up, it was exhilarating to say the least.

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