Seven Years, No Itch

Seven years ago today, Daughter got married. 

Seven years ago, they were just babies having engagement pictures taken, looking as handsome and beautiful as ever.

Seven years ago, Husband and I welcomed another into our little family of three. We think he's pretty special.

Seven years ago I was one big mess of emotions. I knew the day Daughter and Son-in-Law became "Larry" that the dynamics of the relationship I'd had with Daughter up to that point were going to change forever. The child I had birthed was now going to have to give her undivided attention to another and then share that attention with subsequent children of her own. I was happy for her, I was sad for me. And I wouldn't change any of it because without Larry there would be none of this...

...or this...

I've heard it said that grandchildren are rewards we parents get for raising our children. I don't know that I agree with that. Reward implies that the children we birth are a burden to be unloaded at the first opportunity. I never felt that way about Daughter, if anything, I feel greatly blessed to have parented Daughter and then doubly blessed with the son-in-law she chose for us. And Rocket Man, well he's just plain perfection. 


  1. What a beautiful way of looking at family. I really appreciated reading this post this evening!

    ~Heidi K.

    1. Heidi, Thank you for your sweet comment! It makes my day knowing that my rambling thoughts will bring goodwill to somebody.