Post Thanksgiving

The day after any event is always a let down of sorts. The build up is always more exciting than the clean up. Take Thanksgiving for example, the planning, prepping, and presenting is ninety percent of the day, eating everything makes up the remaining ten percent. Oh, but a delicious ten percent it is. I don't do Black Friday, I value my sanity, so the day after the big meal is kind of boring. 

Ninety percent of our Thanksgivings have been spent with Hank's family, and it is a HUGE gathering, HUGE. There's food, food, food, and more food. Hank's family could feed the entire county and STILL have leftovers to take home. The way it works is that everybody brings something to the gathering, our host, Hank's uncle, provides the turkey and ham. Here are the desserts, the sides and meats were so plentiful I couldn't get them all in one picture.

We went through the serving line in shifts, first the kids, after which they were banished to the outdoors with their plates. No kids were harmed, the weather was a balmy seventy five, sunny and very pleasant.  

While they served themselves, under the direction of their mamas, the grown-ups chatted it up.

Then it was the adults' turn, it took almost fifteen minutes for everyone to get their plates full of the good stuff and about five minutes to polish them off. 

My contribution to the feast, pumpkin pie.

I learned long ago that East Texans don't do pumpkin pie, they prefer yam/sweet potato pie. 

Kinda bland in my opinion. 

This year, the trees added to the ambiance of the day. It's been breath taking.

New England has a run for its money this year. 


  1. The shot of George's backyard is awesome!

  2. The shot of George's backyard is awesome!