Going Green-ish

Last week, these mounds appeared in the pastures. We have a set and Hank's Uncle has a set on his acreage. 

Aliens didn't leave them behind, ginormous eighteen-wheelers did. Hank is going the way of Baby Sis and using 'natural' fertilizer on the ranch. These mounds are the waste product of thousands and thousands of chickens. Over two hundred acres will be                       blessed with this granular by-product. Once this has happened, the neighboring farms, households, and coyotes will wish they were in a land far, far away. If this blog were scratch and sniff you'd understand why. Our only salvation of the malodorous natural fertilizer will be rain right after it is spread, I'm praying for such an event. 

I'm told that this type of fertilization will be like manna from heaven to the grass. I'm also told we will have lush hay to cut, and the cows will have found Nirvana.

To quote a famous frog, it isn't easy being green.

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  1. Stinky! At least most everyone that lives by you is family and they should understand.