For the second time in two weeks I stayed home from church, my week will be in complete chaos. I need the calm attending church every Sunday brings. So why did I skip church twice in two weeks, I was sick. Yuck. Two different ailments, or that's what my WebMD degree tells me. Two weeks ago it was bronchitis, today it's a low grade fever I've had since Friday. Rather than than risk infecting the world, I stayed home. Plus the fact I felt crumby. 

The weather was dark and moody, perfect for laying on the couch and convalescing while watching a movie. But not just any ol' movie, my favorite movie. This movie.

Why do I love You've Got Mail so much? The actors? The storyline? The music? Answer, all of the above. As I watched for the bajillionth time, I made some observations.
  • technology has evolved by leaps and bounds in fourteen years; remember when dial-up was considered cutting edge and e-mail was new and who-would-ever-want-to-use-that. 
  • does anyone still use AOL?
  • mega bookstores were eating up all the independents at the time now the mega bookstores are struggling to stay afloat thanks to Amazon and the Kindle
  • could the same movie be made with FaceBook and Twitter as the mode of communication
It's hard to believe that fourteen years have passed since You've Got Mail was released. So much has changed in that length of time yet sometimes it seems that nothing has changed. Why is that?

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