Time Well Spent

In  my last post I told you about getting ready for Rocket Man's arrival. I'm not ashamed to say it, it was exhausting. Putting away, hiding, taking out, setting up, all those little steps that go into child-proofing a home is time consuming and it tries my patience. Let me explain on the latter.

Putting this up, easy.

This on the other hand....oh, expletives were thought, never uttered.

You have to have a dadgum engineering degree to set it up and don't get me started on the taking it down. Grrrr. I can just hear you young moms guffawing, you who can take it down and set it up blindfolded, with one arm tied behind your back. Oh, that I had your skills. I'll give you a holler when it's time to take it down so I won't turn into a raving lunatic.

All the time and frustration was worth it when I saw my Rocket Man and his mama.  And I'll do it all a million times over to get to experience this.

And to see this smile.

And to experience first hand moments like this.

I love my Rocket Man and I'll curse Pack-n-Plays forever just to see him. Oh, and his parents too.

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