The Emerald City

Seattle, Washington. New territory to explore. New places to eat. New idiosyncrasies to evaluate. I spent a whirlwind three days in the Emerald City this past weekend, well more like one and a half days. The other one and a half was spent traveling there and back. Older Sis's son got married to his high school sweetie and I was fortunate enough to go. There is much to tell you, perhaps I will do a few installment blogs to cover all that I saw, experienced, and fell in love with.

When I visit big cities I've never seen, I often feel like a hayseed. I keep looking around and am in awe of everything I see. Seattle was no exception. I was mesmerized by the forest of buildings surrounding me.

Odd shaped buildings.

Round buildings.

Blue buildings, which also was my hotel for the two nights I was there.

More round buildings. How do you furnish a round room? I've been wondering this since I saw these two silos. 

And then there were the old, classic, been-around-forever buildings.

There's something to be said about old buildings and their stately architecture, I find it comforting to cast my eyes on something that has stood the test of time. Every little nook and cranny has some story to tell, mmm, more like questions to ask. Questions like: who carved those intricate details, why is there an eagle at the top, how did they build something so stately, and on and on. Perhaps, in fifty years or so, someone will wonder the same about the sleek blue building that served as my lodging.

Oh, one more building. I can't leave out the iconic building. The building that, to me, screams Seattle. 

Lovely city, Seattle. I think I will go back and ride the elevator as far as I can in each of these, a bird's eye view would be interesting.

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