Making A Difference

Were you aware that there is a Make A Difference Day? It's been around for a bit, I didn't know that was the official name. For the last few years our three local wards have participated by doing various service activities around My Little Corner of Texas. Today was the day to make a difference. Our assignment this time was to clear some underbrush and dead trees at our local lake. Like last year, I was the designated photog, an assignment I enjoy but always feel guilty that I'm not 'in the trenches'. I believe next year I will shoot a few pics and then get down and dirty.

I was the first to arrive, I didn't want to miss a beat, and then waited, and waited, and waited. I guess Friday Night Lights make early Saturday morning hard. No matter, it was the perfect opportunity to get some early morning shots that I would otherwise not get.

I sneaked up on this flock of ducks, thinking my movements might frighten them. Not a chance. I think they are so accustomed to humans they didn't bat a wing as I got closer.

Soon enough there were people, lots and lots of people (Hank and I estimated there were about sixty five or so, this is just a sampling)

and a parking lot full of trucks. Trucks with trailers. 

Trucks with trailer mean tractors.

Along with a plethora of tractors, there was an abundance of chain saws. Given the nature of the assignment, chain saws made the job go much faster. If there's one thing the guys in our ward know how to use, it's chain saws. All that chain saw hum gave me the I-want-to's. I want to learn how to use a chain saw. There's a lot I could do on the ranch if I learned how to use one of those little pieces of power.


Once down, the guys with the saws descended on the dead tree like buzzards on carrion.

One of the wonders of days like today is that even the little ones like to pitch in, even if it was at mom and dad's urging. 

Miss Ravishing, all grown up! Isn't she a beauty?

The youngest was Pew Buddy's sister. Miss C is all of two, and cute as a button. She was bringing her mom a 'long stick', it was actually a thin vine.

I was hesitant to go out this morning. It was cold, thirty five degrees, which felt especially cold since two days ago it was eighty. I was tired. And I am once again battling a bad cold. I'm so glad I went. I am so very fortunate at having the opportunity to document events such as these. It shows me how truly selfless people are, how willing they are to give without hope of recompense. 

The icing on this delicious cake of service came as I was going through the pictures I'd taken. As I told you, I took some pictures of the lake while I waited. I took a shot of what I thought was a duck in flight, I didn't have my telephoto lens with me or it would have been a closer shot. On closer inspection, my duck turned out to be a bald eagle. 

It's the dark blob in the middle of the shot.  I have to go back now, telephoto in hand, to see if I can capture the beauty of the bald eagle a bit closer and a lot better.

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