Lions, Tigers, and Monkeys

Daughter decided long before coming with Rocket Man, and after Son-in-law arrived, that if the weather cooperated a trip to the zoo would be in order. The weather was on its best behavior.  I do believe Rocket Man loved his first zoo experience.

Wanna know what Rocket Man and his dad were looking at? Here you go. 

It stared back at them. 

The last time Daughter, Hank, and I saw the lions she was eight. It was a rather unnerving experience for her, and us too. The zoo had just recently remodeled the lion's lair, replacing bars with big plate glass windows. Mama lion was as interested in Daughter as she was in the lioness. Mama lion took exception to Daughter's subtle movements and attacked the glass, which had it not been there would have seen Daughter as a tender lunch morsel. Needless to say we quickly moved on to the next exhibit. 

I call these skunk monkeys, you can see why. They are actually colobus monkeys. I'm not a big fan of monkeys, Rocket Man can't get enough of them, especially one named Curious George.

These were my favorites, they were breath taking.

An homage to my alma mater. What I wouldn't give to see one of these in the wild. As I've told you before, there's rumor that one, or more, reside in my neighborhood. I'm sure if I were to come face-to-face with him, or her, I'd freeze or pass out but hopefully not before I got a nice picture of it. Lovely animal.

Hank is such a proud granddad, Rocket Man thinks he's funny as heck. 

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