In Conclusion

I think it's time to wrap up my Seattle trip with a few odds and ends. 

First, getting there. My obligatory bird's eye view of the world. 

Pikes Peak from 35,000 feet. Still amazing from this vantage point.

A river, maybe the Snake River. I was going west and if the Snake River flows north to south, it's a good bet that's what it is since we were somewhere close to Idaho by this point. Someone needs to invent an app that will show you where you are at thirty thousand feet with an overlay that will say, this is blah, blah, blah. I'm sure that may already exist and in my app-challenged world I'm unaware of it.

Very close to landing, Mount Rainer in the distance.

Heading home I saw what I thought was fog among the mountains. As we got closer I realized it was smoke from the wildfires the news had reported. It was rather disheartening to realize just how big an area these fires covered. Bless those poor fire fighters.

If I could be any animal, I be a bird, specifically, an eagle. I love seeing the world from up above. Baby Sis and I decided we need to learn how to fly a glider so we can come close to being a bird.

Next, interesting Seattle pics.

Did you know Jimmy Hendrix was a Seattle native? You did? I was oblivious to this until Baby Sis, Her Hubby, Niece Z and Nephew J gave me a resounding, 'why, yes!' when I asked 'Jimmy Hendrix was from Seattle?' I felt sheepish.

If I lived in Seattle, I'd ride a bike everywhere just so I could lock it up on this cool bike pole.

Yep, there really is one on every block. Not kidding. 

Lastly, the very reason I went to the Emerald City, Nephew's K's wedding. I'd share photos of the lovely event except, Older Sis asked that I not post photos on FaceBook, I know this is not FaceBook. However, if I post them here I might as well post them there. I must honor my commitment to her to not post pictures on the Internet. BUT, when I told Baby Sis and Niece Z about Older Sis's request, they rolled their eyes and smiled. So I will post a pic of these ravishing beauties since they don't mind.

Niece Z is on the left Baby Sis on the right. The photo doesn't do them justice but it is a beautiful end to a wonderful weekend.

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