I'm big fan of the Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. If you're unfamiliar with the show, here's a quick round-up of what it features. The host, Guy Fieti, travels throughout the United States visiting various restaurants and features their cuisine on the show. Every time I watch it, I want to travel to wherever he was and eat what he just ate, unless it was seafood. I don't do seafood. Blech, phooie, yuck, blah! Okay, you get the picture, don't invite V over the next time an aquatic animal is on the menu. Sorry I digress. I've actually gone to one of the places Guy featured on his show. It was a cozy little restaurant in the Pearl District in Portland. Baby Sis and I had breakfast there and it was oh so yummy. MMMMhmm. Many of the places Guy visits are based on viewer recommendations. I have a couple of places that are must sees next time triple D is in Seattle.

First is this amazing little dessert cafe. We happened on it when Niece Z, Nephew J, Baby Sis, Brother-in-law and I were looking for a quiet little place to eat some dessert, oddly enough. The outside screamed, Stop!! Come see me!!

Cute, huh? What's not to like about a place that has Monopoly icons as its marquee? Even better than these neon welcome signs, was what greeted you as you stepped through the door.

I know what you're thinking, how did you ever decide what to have?! It was tough but we finally decided that we'd each order something different and then do a Lazy Susan spin and take a sample of what everyone ordered. It was the perfect thing to do. Here's what we had.

German Chocolate for Brother-in-law. Just the right ratio of coconut to nuts to chocolate cake.

Key Lime Pie for J. Mmmm, just the right proportions of sweet and tart.

A Sarah Bernhardt for Z. This was a beehive shaped chocolate mousse on an amaretto cookie. Rich and yummy.

Baby Sis's Lemon Chiffon cake. This was light, fluffy and very lemony. My mouth is watering like Pavlov's dog just thinking about it.

I had a slice of Apple Sour Cream pie. You can never go wrong with apple pie.

While we savored our pastries we discussed everything, even politics. And you know what can happen when diverging points of the political spectrum are expressed, we kept it civil though, that's how we roll. Another topic of conversation was where to eat breakfast the next day. Seattle is Z's stomping ground so she said to leave it to her, she'd take us to one of her favorite breakfast haunts. She did not disappoint. 

Here's my second suggestion for Guy Fieti and his crew.

Z said that this place was very popular with the locals on Saturdays, she was not kidding. We lucked out and got there just in time to beat the crowd. It was definitely standing room only within ten minutes of our being seated.

Once again the food was superb. The o.j., fresh squeezed.

A cinnamon roll the size of your face, not kidding. We ordered one and shared it among six of us. Daughter would not have enjoyed this, she doesn't like sharing her food with anyone. Ever. Not even me, the woman who birth her. 

A sampling of what we ordered.

So there you have it. Two must see, must eat places in Seattle. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going over to the Food Network's web page and make a couple of recommendations.

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