Doing What I Do Best

When Daughter visits, there are several things we enjoy doing but the thing we love doing most is shopping. Not that we buy something every time we go, we do it to spend time together. It's not any different when Baby Sis and I get together, shopping is always on the agenda. Since she and I were together for Nephew J's wedding, along with her Hubby and our parents, and since I'd never shopped downtown Seattle, we put on the comfy shoes and headed west. I know it was west because I could see the ocean, otherwise I had no clue which direction I was facing.

Seattle is the birthplace of my favorite department store.

Did you know that? Nordstrom started out as a shoe store, perhaps this is why you can always find some of the most unique, albeit sometimes strange, shoes.  Shoes like these

Of course there are also some quite lovely, stylish shoes, like these by Kate Spade. I'll take one of each, please.

This particular store is the Mother store. There was so much to see and not enough time to see it all, sigh.

To get here, we first had to go through this ocean of humanity. To say I was overwhelmed by the amount of people is an understatement. I got the feeling that this was not par for the course, Baby Sis and then Niece Z and Nephew J kept saying that such crowds were not a normal part of Seattle life.

As much as I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of downtown, I was ready for some slower paced retail therapy the following day. Walking back from Z's house we found this little gem. 

Sugarpill is a purveyor of some rather unique culinary items. Items such as maple syrup that is cured in whiskey casks so that it picks up some of the whiskey taste, not something I'm interested in but obviously there is a marked for it.

I was blown away with the myriad of salts this little establishment had for sale, who knew? I know, you did. What can I say, I lead a sheltered life in My Little Corner of Texas when it comes to salt, or anything else for that matter.

You can even buy salt by the block. 

I wonder, would a cow like these as much as she likes her own salt blocks, hmmmm. It would prove expensive if she did, these come from the Himalayas. 

Along with these unique culinary specimens, there were some cool little touches. 

An old ice chest. Hank tells me that Father-in-Law has one similar somewhere in his storage building. I feel a little spelunking coming on. 

Some vintage glassware. I. Need. These. and the cake plate too.

And the crowning touch, this uber cool, mid-century chair. I REALLY need this.

I didn't even begin to scratch the shopping surface. Heck, I didn't even tickle it. Perhaps it's a good thing I didn't have more than a few hours to explore this gem of a city, I might not want to come home. Nah, I love my little house in the woods too much to forsake it. I'll just have to make some side trips north when I go visit Portland.

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  1. Nothing beats a good shopping trip! I also LOVE those vintage glasses and the cake stand.