Cinnamon Rolls

It's conference time again, one of my favorite times of the year. As with repeated events, traditions develop around the event. Conference for our family is no exception.

Hank and I are celebrating our sixtieth conference together; wow, I hadn't stop to put a number on this before, that's a lot of conferences. When we were newly married, still-trying-to-figure-each-other-out-awkward-newlyweds, I made cinnamon rolls for our first conference breakfast. Yes, I said, I made. From scratch. With yeast. The whole shebang. I kneaded the dough, let it rise, punched it down, let it rise, rolled it, cut it, and then let it rise again. A tradition was born.

Time passed and somehow I got out of the habit of making the cinnamon rolls lazy. I've bought them ready made or I've made the Pillsbury whack-and-bake kind to maintain our tradition. Then, last weekend I had this ginormous, delicious, size-of-your-face cinnamon roll and asked myself why I got lazy about making these lovely carb loaded delicacies for conference.

Then, while reading one of my favorite blogs, 71Toes, I read her post about cinnamon rolls being a conference tradition in her family, she even gave a link to a recipe she'd shared previously on easy cinnamon rolls. Easy? She was speaking my language. It was Karma, I was to go back to the old ways and make my cinnamon rolls once again.

I headed to the grocery store, bought everything needed, including the yeast. I continued shopping and realized that I needed some frozen rolls, yes frozen rolls I don't make mine because, well see above, I'm L.A.Z.Y. I opened the freezer door grabbed the rolls and then, then I spied this. My local grocer had quit carrying these so when I saw them, I shouted for joy, the Mo Tab sang Hallelujah. Well, no, not really but I was glad.

Yes, I caved. I will take the easy way out every. single. time. This particular brand of cinnamon rolls, though, tastes, looks, and bakes up like the real deal, so why make a mess when you don't have too. 

Wanna see the finished product?

Not the size of your face, more like the size of a salad plate. I wasn't expecting this. They used to be regular sized, I guess Grocer decided since we're in Texas bigger would be better this time around.

Well, I still have that yeast. What to do? How long does yeast keep? Till heck freezes over? No? We do have Christmas coming and that is another time when cinnamon rolls are a must have in our family. I will have to bite the bullet and actually make the cinn rolls rather than bake the rolls. I promise, right here, right now, Hank, I will make from scratch cinnamon rolls for Christmas. With raisins. And pecans. Dang, now that it's written I'll really have to follow through. 

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  1. Those look pretty good :) I LOVE 71toes by the way. She is amazing.